skin care essentials The Best Skin Care Tips to Take with You on Vacation


Everyone wants to have glowing skin while they are on vacation, but not everyone will bring along the best skin care knowledge that they need to truly foster that beautiful skin and just-off-the-beach glow. While you’re away, you may stray from your typical skin care routine and, in turn, you may note a visible difference in your skin – and one that’s not for the better. If you want to have beautiful skin from the beginning of your getaway all the way through the end of it, don’t worry, you don’t have to dedicate too much of your vacation time to your skin – just keep these skin care tips in mind and put in a little bit of effort.

Vacation skin care tip #1: Wash away sweat, dirt and makeup. You may be ready to press pause on all of your usual at-home duties, like washing dishes, but you really should not be tempted to skip washing your face. It’s important to cleanse your skin of sweat and dirt that can build up on the surface of your skin while you sleep and throughout your day. You should also remember to remove makeup at night if you want to wake up with a fresh face, free of mascara covered under-eyes and clogged pores. Micellar water formulas and facial cleansing towelettes can be ideal options to travel with, as they require no running water for rinsing or wetting your skin.

Vacation skin care tip #2: Exfoliate for a fresh face after a flight or long ride. After flying or a long ride in the car, your skin can become look dull and lackluster. Encourage a smooth, clean surface and glowing skin by exfoliating with a glycolic acid peel pad upon your arrival. First, give your skin a quick cleanse and then swipe the pre-soaked chemical exfoliating pad across your skin in gentle circular motions. For the best skin care results follow your exfoliation with your serum and/or day cream.

Vacation skin care tip #3: Worship your skin and not the sun. When heading out for a day of sight-seeing, beach-going or pool-lounging, be sure to apply SPF with broad spectrum protection to all of the uncovered exposed areas of your skin and do so at least thirty minutes before any sun exposure. Shielding your beautiful skin from the sun’s harmful rays will better ensure your skin is protected from unsightly tan lines and sunburns. Take your SPF with you while you’re out and about and reapply it as instructed – typically about every two to three hours – so that you can better encourage glowing skin in place of a lobster-like complexion.

Vacation skin care tip #4: Encourage glowing skin. Have beautiful skin that glows while you’re on vacation by hydrating it with added moisture. Consider, first applying a serum followed by your face cream so that you have the look of luminous, glowing skin. To encourage a bronzed glow, look for skin care product formulas that are not only hydrating, but also provide a bronzing effect.

Enjoy your vacation and maintain beautiful skin throughout, by keeping in mind the best skin care tips that are worth packing with you – and following – on your trip.