skin care essentials How Touch Encourages Perfect Skin

It’s easy to focus your skin care energy on finding the right products for your skin’s needs and concerns, but your part doesn’t stop when you discover your main staples like cleansers, serums and creams. An essential component of having perfect skin depends on how you apply your products. Touch plays a key role in how your skin care products work and influence your skin.

Think about how different your skin and body may feel after you receive a massage or body scrub at a spa in comparison to when you hurriedly rub your skin with a salt scrub in the shower or apply lotion at home. The skin care professional utilizes the power of touch to help your skin better absorb any skin care products and leave it feeling more relaxed and nourished.

You can practice similar methods of touch at home to not only aid your skin products in working better, but also to pamper and protect your skin.

The perfect touch for perfect skin #1: Tapping: You will mostly use the skin care touch method of tapping around your eye area – the entire eye area meaning the under the eye, the corner and under the brow bone. This area can become especially dry, so applying cream with gentle taps will help bring moisture to an area that needs it. It’s important to tap eye cream in, because rubbing can pull and tug the delicate skin found in this area, encouraging wrinkle development and sagging. Apply three dots in the under eye area and gently tap the cream into your skin starting from the inside corner all the way up and around to the inside of your brow bone near your nose.

The perfect touch for perfect skin #2: Circular motions: Rubbing and harshly scrubbing the skin on your face in broad up and down motions is simply never a good idea. First, consider that you may be wasting some of your skin care products. You don’t have as much control over facial oils and creams when slathering them on, excess product may drip, run into your hairline and not be fully absorbed because you applied too much. Circular motions will help provide more targeted control over where your product is going and you can better determine that it has been absorbed. Second, rubbing the skin can pull it in unnecessary directions, repeatedly rubbing your skin for years can even encourage some wrinkle development over time. Your skin may also feel uncomfortable after scrubbing in cleansers in place of how the product should leave your skin feeling – fresh and clean. Applying your cleanser or cream in gentle, circular motions will better ensure that your skin is receiving the ingredients it needs and that you’re maintaining its integrity in the process.

The perfect touch for perfect skin #3: Upward strokes: If you have excess cream or serum always use gentle upward strokes to help the skin care products fully absorb. Upward motions will encourage skin to stay put and better fight against gravity’s pull, which can cause skin to sag. Skin will be more prone to sink downward if you apply your skin care products in that direction daily. You can start at your chin and move upward and out to your cheekbones. Then from your inner forehead, move fingers up and out to your hairline, encouraging skin to stay taut and less likely to wrinkle.

Your skin’s success is up to you – try to remember that finding the right products is not all there is to it. Spend some time finding the best routine for you and always apply your products with care.