skin care essentials Boost Your Beauty Regimen

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For the time-challenged among us (and that’s mostly everyone!), a total skin care regimen might consist of cleanser, SPF and moisturizer. But in the quest for gorgeous skin, do you really need a serum in addition to your moisturizer? The answer is, for increased results, yes! But exactly what is a serum?

A skin care serum is usually a liquid, generally oil-free product with higher concentrations of active ingredients, which can help address specific skin concerns such as deep wrinkles, dullness or hyperpigmentation. This is why the term “concentrated” is often associated with serums. Most of the time, serums are designed to work with a cream or moisturizer.

Because of their lightweight form, serums are usually fast-absorbing and their ingredients can more easily penetrate the skin—and yield faster results.

When it comes to serums, less is usually more, which explains why they tend to come in smaller containers. You need only a drop or two, just enough to cover your entire face and décolletage. After you’ve properly cleansed your face, apply the serum and wait a few minutes before putting on your facial cream or moisturizer. This will ensure full absorbency and maximum effectiveness. Serums are available for virtually every skin concern: reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lifting and firming sagging skin, awakening a dull or tired complexion or erasing age spots. After determining your personal skin care needs, choose a formula that works to address those concerns specifically.

A consistent anti-aging regimen can serve as an alternative to (or even eliminate the need for) in-office dermatological procedures. Though the results may not be quite as dramatic, the cost—and recovery time—will be much more appealing.