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How to Apply Makeup with an Oval Makeup Brush

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How to Apply Makeup with an Oval Makeup Brush How to Apply Makeup with an Oval Makeup Brush How to Apply Makeup with an Oval Makeup Brush

First came makeup blenders—and now oval makeup brushes are taking over the beauty scene. We’re pretty confident when we say that every makeup lover has ogled an oval makeup brush at least once, even if they knew it by its other name: toothbrush makeup brush. Besides being an undeniably stylish addition to your vanity, oval makeup brushes can also totally upgrade your makeup application. Of course, just like with any makeup tool, the proper usage can make all the difference in your finished makeup look. Want to learn how to use an oval makeup brush? Consider this the ultimate guide for how to apply makeup with an oval makeup brush.

What is an oval (or toothbrush) makeup brush?

An oval makeup brush, as you may have guessed, has an oval brush shape. This style of brush is also sometimes referred to as a toothbrush makeup brush because the brush itself has a very similar structure to a toothbrush, with a long handle and a set of bristles that appear on just one side of the brush. This design is supposed to make it more comfortable to hold, while the compact bristles help create an airbrushed finish. This type of brush comes in all different sizes that can be used to apply everything from foundation to concealer to lipstick! They can even be used to smooth on skin care products. Basically, what’s not to love?

How to apply makeup with an oval makeup brush

It’s time to get down to business. Here are a few tips for applying makeup with an oval makeup brush.

Oval makeup brush tip #1: Less is more

When it comes to applying makeup using an oval makeup brush, it’s important to remember that less is more. A toothbrush makeup brush won’t absorb your foundation or concealer like many other brushes and blenders tend to do, so you’ll truly get quite a bit of coverage with minimal product. A little goes a long way, so start small—you can always add more if you feel like you want more coverage!

Oval makeup brush tip #2: Use your hand

Wondering why you would need your hands if you’re using a makeup brush? When applying makeup with an oval makeup brush, you want to avoid applying any product directly onto the brush (remember, less is more). Instead, apply the product onto the back of your hand and pick up a little bit of product at a time before applying it to your face. Alternatively, you can dot the product directly onto your face before blending it out with your oval makeup brush. This method is best saved for when you’ve used the brush a few times, so you'll know exactly how much product you need.

Oval makeup brush tip #3: Keep things light

This type of makeup brush does all the work for you, so avoid using a lot of pressure when applying your makeup with one. Instead, use light pressure to buff your makeup out. No need to break out the big guns!

Oval makeup brush tip #4: Go round and round

We’re sure you’ve heard of endless techniques for blending your makeup—from stippling to bouncing. But that’s not what you want to do here! To effortlessly blend your makeup using an oval makeup brush, simply glide the brush in circular motions over your skin—and don’t forget to use light pressure. Easy, peasy!

Oval makeup brush tip #5: Clean, clean, clean

Cleaning your makeup brushes and tools is super important, and your oval makeup brush is no exception. In fact, a buildup of product on the bristles of your brush can seriously affect the way your makeup applies—not to mention the more buildup there is, the more difficult it’ll be to clean the dense brush! Not sure how to clean your brushes? Head over to our article, How to Clean Makeup Brushes and Makeup.

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