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St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and this year, we’re upping the creativity on our regular manicures to make things a bit more festive. Whether you’re headed to the salon or having a DIY session at home, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day nail designs. To help you prep for the exciting day, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite Irish holiday-themed Instagram-worthy nails ahead. From mini shamrocks to shimmery accents, you’re bound to fall in love with one of these charming nail designs. 

Mismatched Nail Design  

Play up your regular manicure for St. Patrick’s Day by going for an out-of-the-box nail design. With gold-tone metallic polish, a shimmery green accent nail, and a mini lip design, your nails will look perfect for celebrating the day in style. 

Gold Accent Nail Design  

Whether you have acrylics, gels, or regular polish, creating a simple and pretty nail design won’t be hard. Pick out a light green, white, and shimmery gold nail polish for your base colors. Then apply mini shamrock nail stickers to an accent nail to jazz up the look. 

Irish Flag Nail Design 

Show some love for the Irish culture on St. Patrick’s Day by saluting the Irish flag down to your fingertips. You’ll only need a few shades to complete this look: green, white, and orange (and don’t forget your clear top coat). Do try this at home! 

Shimmery Green and Gold Nail Design 

Shimmery nail polishes are great for creating eye-catching manicures. Grab a bottle of gold and green shimmer polish and get painting! You can also create a full color design on one of your nails to add some flair to the look. 

Shamrock Nail Design 

White nails will always be a staple in our book, but to spruce things up for the holiday, try adding mini shamrock designs all over them. Using just three colors (white, green, and blue), you can create a simple yet stunning nail look that will garner compliments all day.  

Photo Credit: @ Erin Simser

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