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anti aging 10 Ways to Wake Up with Brighter Looking Skin

Do you want to wake up and actually look like you’re awake? While you may have rolled out of bed an hour or two ago, you can still appear tired by the time you’ve arrived at work – even if you’ve already had your coffee. And the look of your skin may not be helping your situation. Dullness and dryness can make you look more worn out than you actually are. And, if you are in fact tired and feeling a bit overburdened, you don’t have to relinquish yourself to having a lackluster complexion. To give your skin a boost of radiance, simply spend a little time on it in the evening and use smart skin care products that will ramp up your skin’s natural glow in the morning.

Wake up with radiant skin tip #1: Drink a glass of water. A smart and easy way to replenish hydrate is to drink a glass of water before bed.

Wake up with radiant skin tip #2: Remove your makeup and cleanse your skin. Waking up with day-old makeup residue will only further bury your skin’s natural glow potential, not to mention the fact that makeup left on overnight can set in to existing fine lines and wrinkles, making you appear older than you actually are. Remove your makeup, cleanse your skin and hydrate it at the same time with a micellar water formula. Micellar water is comprised of tiny oil molecules called micelles that are suspended in soft water – soft water is treated water, that typically won’t contain calcium, magnesium and other metal cations. Hard water—an unfiltered water with a high mineral content – can negatively impact your skin and even make it appear duller. The great thing about micellar water: The multi-tasking skin care product requires no water for wetting or rinsing or any drying time, so you can get clean skin without spending too much time.

Wake up with radiant skin tip #3: Apply an illuminating face mask. A skin care step, that’s worth the time if you want to wake up with bright-looking skin: Apply a detoxifying and illuminating face mask. Apply a face mask formula to your freshly cleansed skin for ten to fifteen minutes, before rinsing away with lukewarm water.

Wake up with radiant skin tip #4: Treat yourself to a cold eye compress. While your face mask is working to brighten the look of your skin, apply a cold eye compress, either with a chilled eye mask, cucumber slices or even refrigerated chamomile tea bags. This can help de-puff your eye area and calm your mood, so that you can head to bed feeling relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Wake up with radiant skin tip #5: Surge your skin with moisture. Once your face mask has been removed and your skin gently patted dry, you should replenish it with a layer or two of hydrating skin care products. Try a serum and moisturizer combo that is formulated with antioxidants like vitamin C to help boost your radiant skin potential. Apply the moisturizer while your skin is still damp and use gentle, upward motions.

Wake up with radiant skin tip #6: Sleep propped up. When you sleep flat, liquids can collect under your eyes and exaggerate the look of puffy, tired under eye bags. When you sleep on your side, pillow lines can make an impression in your skin, giving you that just out-of-bed look. If you sleep propped up on two pillows or so, you can help skin maintain its fresh-look.

Wake up with radiant skin tip #7: Drink a glass of water. Just as you started your nighttime skin care routine at night, start your morning regimen with a glass of water too. You can hydrate your body and start the day refreshed.

Wake up with radiant skin tip #8: Start fresh. Your skin can build up surface sweat and oil while you sleep, so wash that debris away in the morning. Use a hydrating micellar water formula, shake it well and then saturate a cotton pad with the formula and gently wipe the pad over your skin until it is completely clean.

Wake up with radiant skin tip #9: Exfoliate with a glycolic acid peel pad. To further brighten the look of your skin, quickly and gently swipe a glycolic acid peel pad across your forehead, chin, nose and cheeks. The alpha hydroxyl acid will gently dissolve away dull, dead skin cells from skin’s surface to reveal fresh-looking, radiant skin.

Wake up with radiant skin tip #10: Hydrate your skin with a glow enhancing day cream. Apply a day cream that cannot only hydrate it, but also enhance its natural glow. A moisturizer that is formulated with LHA and rosy pigments can gently exfoliate dull skin, stimulating surface cell renewal while prompting a healthy-looking glow. The gradual resurfacing encouraged by LHA on a daily basis can help to reveal smooth, renewed skin and a younger-looking complexion, while rosy pigments can encourage the revival of your skin’s beautiful, blushed tone.

Wake up feeling refreshed and looking your best with bright, radiant skin. The little extra time you put in will be well worth it when you wake with a natural glow before you even reach for your blush or bronzer. Encourage beautiful, radiant skin with a little effort and the right skin care products.