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The Claw Clip Is The Easiest Way To Style Your Hair Right Now

Hairstyle Trends

The Claw Clip Is The Easiest Way To Style Your Hair Right Now The Claw Clip Is The Easiest Way To Style Your Hair Right Now The Claw Clip Is The Easiest Way To Style Your Hair Right Now

Hair accessories themselves aren’t a trend. They’ve always been useful for putting your hair up and getting it out of your face. But over the last few years, something changed. You stopped only using scrunchies to hold your hair while washing your face. Likewise, bobby pins are no longer solely hidden within your hairstyles. Hair accessories became style statements in their own right. The latest accessory to receive this treatment is the claw clip. Not only are they now available in cute patterns and colors (and all different sizes), but they can also be used for some of the easiest and cutest hairstyles. Read on for our guide to claw hair clips; we’re sharing why we’re fans and how to wear them.

Why We Love Claw Clips

We already started to sing the praises of claw clips: They’re cute and easy to use. Beyond that, they make for a great headband or hair elastic alternative because they don’t leave creases. You can toss your hair up and undo it as you please, and no one will be able to recognize that your hair was clipped back moments earlier.

You can also show off personality with a claw clip. A bunch of tiny clips makes for a playful hairstyle, while a big, brightly colored one is perfect for catching attention.

Like many of our other favorite hairstyles and accessories right now, a claw hair clip can also give off major 1990s vibes. It isn’t quite as much of a throwback as butterfly clips, but when worn in the right hairstyle (we’ll share an option below), you can look like you walked straight off the set of a ‘90s teen soap.

3 Ways To Wear a Claw Hair Clip

There are quite a few hairstyles you can create using a claw clip, but we’re naming three favorites below.

1. Half-Up, Half-Down

Half-up, half-down hair has been having quite the moment lately, and a claw clip is quite possibly the most foolproof way to get the look. Use your fingers to section your hair horizontally, and clip the top layer at the center of the back of your head. That’s all there is to it. You can wear your hair straight, wavy, or curly to put your own spin on the style. To play up your natural texture, we love using the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT Volume Inject Mousse.

Another option is to experiment with wearing multiple claw hair clips. Try dividing your hair down the center, then sectioning it horizontally. This should leave you with four sections of hair. Clip the top two sections back using smaller claw clips. Cute, right?

2. Ballerina Bun

With a classic ballerina bun, your hair accessories are usually kept hidden. The elastic or bobby pins you use to put your hair up end up disguised within your strands. Conversely, this hairstyle puts your claw clip front and center. Twist your hair into a bun as per usual. Then use a large claw clip to secure the ends and hold the bun. Make sure the clip latches onto both the ends of the bun and your hair underneath.

Editor’s tip: If you have thicker hair, a claw clip may not be enough to hold your ballerina bun. No problem. You can sport the same look with the help of a hair elastic and a few spritzes of L’Oréal Paris Elnett Precious Oil Satin Hairspray. Form your strands into the bun, then wrap the hair tie around its base. The elastic will be responsible for actually keeping your bun in place—the claw clip will serve as decoration.

3. Twisted ‘90s Updo

We mentioned how claw clips remind us of ‘90s hairstyles, and this look is exactly what they bring to mind. Push all of your hair behind your shoulders. Gather it as if you were creating a low ponytail, then twist it until you reach your ends. Next, pull the hair upward against the back of your head. The twist will lay against your head with the ends pointing up. Place a large claw clip around the twist to hold it in place and leave the ends hanging over the top. Now, you’re a total ‘90s starlet in the making.

Claw Clips vs. Banana Clips: What’s The Difference?

There’s a decent chance that when you picture a banana clip, what you’re imagining is actually a claw clip. However, these are actually two distinct types of hair accessories. A banana clip is a curved, narrow plastic clip with teeth in the center. When unfolded and unlatched, it looks a bit like a fine-tooth comb. This open position is how it’s inserted into the hair. It’s held in a v-shape, and the teeth are placed on either side of the hair that you want the clip to hold. Once it’s in place, the clip is latched back together at the top. When it’s in your hair, a banana clip simply looks like a long, curved bar. They’re often used to hold ponytails but can secure hair into other styles as well.

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