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Ni’cola Mitchell

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As a victim of domestic violence, Ni’cola Mitchell understood first-hand how at-risk youth are significantly less likely to successfully transition into adulthood due to a lack of resources and opportunity. Her own past led her to create Girls Who Brunch, a non-profit that combats this cultural epidemic by addressing low-income communities, and sponsoring girls in foster care, as well as sex trade victims and teen mothers. Through mentorship and panel facilitations, Girls Who Brunch teaches different ways of thinking that ultimately enables at-risk girls to succeed and flourish. Girls Who Brunch combines fun performances, raffles and music with challenging workshops that focus on education, STEM, health, sexual trafficking awareness, bullying and empowerment topics. Girls Who Brunch also hosts a Masterclass that specializes in training participants in on business development and financial literacy. Since founding the non-profit three years ago, Ni’cola found fulfillment in helping at-risk girls. Through her work with Girls Who Brunch, she has positively impacted and equipped over 6,000 girls nationwide to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Knowing your worth is POWER, YOUR POWER! Being a L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth means I can continue to display my power globally, by helping one girl at a time own her story.
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