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Hetal Jani

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Empower a Girl. Empower the World. This is the motto of SPEAKHIRE , a non-profit founded by Hetal Jani, that develops the social and cultural capital of immigrant girls and empowers them to become future workforce leaders. SPEAKHIRE, which stands for Support Prepare Empower Aspiring Kids, does this by helping immigrant girls successfully integrate within different social contexts and navigate career choices. SPEAKHIRE provides young women with access to information, role models and opportunities that lead to successful and healthy post-secondary pathways. Since 2015, SPEAKHIRE has impacted over 100 girls and their families in the U.S., and has grown a volunteer network of over 200 career professionals who serve as mentors to the young women of SPEAKHIRE. In 2017-2018 alone, SPEAKHIRE made 57 mentoring matches and conducted over 400 mentoring sessions with 75 girls, 94% of whom identify as immigrants.

Being a L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth means having the platform to elevate the voices and worth of all the girls and women from culturally marginalized populations and help them become the empathetic and capable leaders we need in the 21st century.
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