Mink Oil

[ˈMink, ‘Oil]

Fatty Acids

Benefits of Mink Oil for Skin:

Mink oil is a natural glyceride of 14-20 carbon chain fatty acids obtained through the rendering of mink fat from removed pelts. The easily rendered animal extract appears as a pale, yellow liquid, and can be found in cosmetic formulations at concentrations of 25% and less.

The use of mink oil for skin care gained recognition in the for its close resemblance to human sebum. Sebum is the body’s natural oil secretion, which also contains traces of fatty acids. With a structural composition similar to the skin barrier, mink oil can readily penetrate the skin’s surface and be integrated as a moisturizing, occlusive agent. On the other hand, its high quantity of fatty acids makes it insoluble in water. Therefore, in order for mink oil to be used in cosmetic formulations, it is recommended to combine mink oil fatty acids with an alcohol medium, such as benzene, ether, acetone, and isopropanol. Studies have shown that after one-hour of topical application, mink oil was able to remain on the skin surface and demonstrate significant absorption into the stratum corneum. Lastly, mink oil was found to be non-comedogenic, making it an ideal moisturizing ingredient for enhancing the skin’s overall quality and complexion. 1

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