Lemon Juice

[ˈLe-mən, ˈJüs]

Antioxidants, Plant Extracts

Lemon Juice Skin Care Benefits:

Lemon juice, a derivative of the plant Citrus limon, is used in skin care to provide astringent and purifying properties. Studies show lemon juice possesses high levels of citric acid that can be beneficial to maintaining a healthy skin appearance. The acidity of lemon juice on skin can cause skin to tighten, thereby forcing pores to constrict. In doing so, impurity build-ups found within the skin may also be excreted and washed away. As a result, lemon juice serves as a plausible ingredient for regulating excess skin flora and hindering blemish formation. When used in low dilution formulations, the use of lemon juice for skin treatments can provide an energizing and purifying effect, while leaving behind a more beautiful, even-tone complexion. 1

  1. Dhanavade, M. et al. Study antimicrobial activity of lemon (Citrus lemon L.) peel extract. British Journal of pharmacology and Toxicology 2.3, 119-122 (2011)
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