Plant Extracts

Lemon Skin Care Benefits:

Lemon, scientifically known as Citrus limon, is the yellow fruit offspring of the lemon tree. It is sold commercially worldwide and provides certain skin care benefits for maintaining skin quality. Lemon derivatives used in skin care include lemon rind, lemon oil, and lemon juice. While all three forms carry the necessary components to contribute towards the healthy-looking skin, each one varies in levels of potency and phytochemicals.

Lemon rind, the yellow-textured outer peel of the fruit, contains a rich source of flavanones and a unique set of polymethoxylated flavones which are uncommon in plant extracts. These compounds play a physiological role in protecting the surface level of the skin by diminishing skin flora. Studies have shown that lemon rind’s astringent property can also work to regulate the build of impurities in skin surface sebum which in turn may help to regulate the formation of unwanted blemishes. 1

Lemon oil extract serves as a source of citrus fragrance in various skin care products. It is characterized by rich amounts of antioxidants such as glutathione, ascorbic acid, and alpha-tocopherol, that can help fight against skin-damaging lipid peroxidation. Products infused with lemon oil can help to inhibit harmful free radical-mediated reactions caused by oxidants found in the body and the environment. This function protects important structural molecules that are required for the upkeep of skin quality and integrity. Consequently, lemon oil antioxidant properties can be added to anti-aging skin products such as creams, serums, and masks. 2

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