Montmorillonite Clay

[mänt-mə-ˈri-lə-ˌnīt, klā]

Categories: Minerals

Montmorillonite Clay Skin Benefits:

Named after its founding city in France, montmorillonite clay is an old household remedy that can be multifunctional. Like most clays, montmorillonite clay contains a high assortment of minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, silica, and sodium. Its uniqueness comes in its structure. Montmorillonite clay’s structure consists of a large surface area composed of very small, negatively-charged particles. These negatively-charged particles are ideal for attracting the positively-charged dirt and grime found on the skin’s surface.

Given montmorillonite clay’s electrical properties, it is believed to provide skincare benefits that may promote astringent (purifying) properties for problematic skin. Formulas with montmorillonite clay can help remove impurities from the skin’s surface by expanding facial pores and extracting the debris trapped within the skin. In doing so, montmorillonite clay may also help to temporarily diminish the appearance of pores. Lastly, in addition to its good absorption and deep cleaning properties, montmorillonite clay also possesses a desirable, spreadable texture. 1

  1. Ngomo, O. et al. Differences between structural, textural and rheological properties of two Cameroonian mineral clays used as cosmetic mask. Advances in Env Sci, Dev and Chem 425-431 (2014)
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