skin care essentials The Top 3 Reasons Why Makeup Removal Makes for Your Most Beautiful Skin

The Top 3 Reasons Why Makeup Removal Makes For Your Most Beautiful Skin Main BL

No matter your age, your skin type or your skin care concerns, not making makeup removal a part of your regular nighttime skin care routine is a major fumble. While makeup can give your appearance a much-appreciated boost during the day, if left on overnight, you could be sabotaging your skin’s natural beauty potential. And, while you may think that the damage being done will just be temporary and can be easily washed away once you cleanse your skin in the morning, think again. Sleeping with your makeup on can aggravate existing skin care concerns and even spark the development of some new ones too.

Beautiful skin con #1: Not removing makeup can contribute to the development of breakouts. If your skin is prone to breakout, is on the oiler side or builds up a sweat while you sleep, makeup that is left on overnight can mix with this surface build up and further congest your pores. So, not only will you wake up with raccoon-like under eyes, but possibly a few blemishes that can have otherwise been easily avoided too.

Beautiful skin con #2: Not removing makeup might leave skin looking dull and tired in the AM. If you go to bed with your makeup on and your skin tends by dry, day-old foundation, powder and shadows can set into creases and fine lines, causing your skin to appear unnecessarily aged and dull. Makeup residue can also mix with dead skin cells that have piled up on the surface of your skin. This can lead to a lackluster complexion, that appears flaky and anything but fresh.

Beautiful skin con #3: Blocks your nighttime anti-aging skin care efforts. It won’t matter how many nighttime anti-aging serums, creams and treatments you buy, if you apply them a top of day-old makeup, the formulas will be less likely to deliver the beautiful skin results you were hoping for. It’s best to apply any skin care products to clean skin so that the formulas can address your concerns without mixing with makeup residue and clogging your pores instead.

While these cons are not-so desirable, the pros of makeup removal are definitely worthwhile. Removing your makeup can better ensure that your beautiful skin shines through, as its less likely to buried behind dull day-old makeup. Not removing your makeup at night isn’t the only skin care mistake you may be making, here check for more common skin care bad habits that could be sabotaging your beautiful skin efforts.