skin care essentials The 3 Best Skin Care Basics To Remember

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Sheet masks, overnight treatments, facial essences and balms can sometimes distract you from the skin care basics, including regular cleansing, moisturizing and applying SPF. If you dabble in skin care trends, that can be great – however for beautiful skin that is fresh, nourished and protected it’s important to keep the fundamentals in mind too. Your skin care routine doesn’t have to be limited to these three basics, but the best skin care regimen should most definitely include each of them on a daily basis.

#1: The best skin care basics of cleansing. Make it a point to wash your face every morning and every night. Oils and sweat from your hair and skin transfer to your pillowcase while you sleep and can then get on your skin. At night you should focus on removing makeup, oils and dirt that build up on your face throughout the day. Before cleansing, you may want to first concentrate on removing makeup with a facial wipe, try Ideal Clean™ All Skin Types Makeup Removing Towelettes , and then follow with a gel, cream or foaming cleanser depending upon your skin type and needs. For beautiful skin, always wash with lukewarm, never hot water, and avoid over-scrubbing your skin. You don’t want to strip your skin of its naturals oils that it needs to stay balanced and hydrated. Gently massage cleanser in circular motions to stimulate circulation and effectively clean your pores. Rinse completely and tap dry.

#2: The best skin care basics of moisturizing. Always moisturize after cleansing, and try to apply your hydrating skin care products while your skin is still damp. You need to replenish your skin with the moisture it may have lost while cleansing. Hydrate your skin by looking for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, found in RevitaLift® Triple Power™ Concentrated Serum , that will help your skin maintain moisture for prolonged periods of time. The best and more-involved moisturizing routine for nourished, beautiful skin includes four steps: First apply a moisturizing serum, then dab on eye cream, follow with your day or night cream and seal everything in with a facial oil.

##3. The best skin care basics of SPF. If you had to narrow down the list to the most important skin care basic, it would be applying SPF everyday – rain or shine. UV exposure can cause premature signs of skin aging including the development of wrinkles and fine lines. The sun’s harmful rays also penetrate deep within your skin’s inner layers damaging skin cells, which later can result in a lackluster complexion. Look for a sunscreen or day cream with SPF 30, which absorbs 97 percent of the sun’s rays (SPF 15 absorbs up to 93 percent and SPF 50 absorbs up to 98 percent), and broad-spectrum protection, which protects against UVA rays in addition to UVB rays. UVA rays can damage your skin cells and cause early signs of skin aging while UVB protection will only protect your skin against actual sunburn. Be sure to apply sunscreen at least thirty minutes before sun exposure. Cover all areas of your skin that will come in contact with the sun’s harmful UV rays, look for a day cream, like Age Perfect® Glow Renewal SPF 30 Lotion , formulated for your face, and also be sure to apply to your neck, chest and ears.

Experimenting with skin care trends is fun and can be fruitful when you try a new treatment and see fast results. But for all of those trendy skin care products to work to their best potential you need to start with clean, hydrated and protected skin. Keep these basics in the mix and your beautiful skin will be off to a good start.