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3 Skin Care Products Men Should Use Too

Skin Care Essentials

3 Skin Care Products Men Should Use Too 3 Skin Care Products Men Should Use Too 3 Skin Care Products Men Should Use Too

It’s always a good idea to take some time to care for your skin, even if doesn’t seem to top your list of priorities. Men’s skin care is just as important as women’s skin care – maybe even more so at times. Maintaining facial hair or regular shaving will take a toll on your skin, so it’s necessary to replenish and protect it against its daily set of challenges. No matter your age or your personal habits, there are three basic skin care products that will help maintain the appearance of your skin.

Men’s skin care product #1: Cleanser. It’s a simple step, but it’s one that can be easily overlooked. Dirt from the air and your environment and natural oils pile on the outer layer of your skin throughout the day, and oils and sweat can collect on your face overnight. This accumulation, if not cleaned away, can clog pores, throw off your natural oil production and even leave your skin more prone to early signs of skin aging. Start and end your day with cleansing. Use lukewarm water and a cleanser that suits your skin type. Dry skin will benefit from a cream cleanser formula while those with oily skin should look for a foaming or gel variety. Be careful to not over-cleanse your skin, harsh scrubbing and excess cleaning can strip the skin of its natural oils that it needs to stay hydrated. Rinse away all of the cleanser and pat dry.

Men’s skin care product #2: Moisturizer with SPF. Immediately after cleansing, you should moisturize. A great double-duty skin care product is a moisturizer with SPF. The sun’s UV rays can cause early signs of skin aging like wrinkles and skin dullness, not to mention leave you vulnerable to other harmful skin concerns. Protect and hydrate your skin by using a formula with broad-spectrum protection, so that you are covered from both UVA and UVB rays. Also take into consideration water resistant formulas, in case you sweat throughout your day or come in contact with water. Also, remember to moisturize after cleansing at night too – you won’t need to use a formula with SPF, so look into night creams with extra hydrating benefits.

Men’s skin care product #3: Eye cream. A skin care product that is truly worthwhile, eye creams pack a bunch of skin benefits into a little bottle. Your eyes are likely to show early signs of skin aging, like crows feet, and can also reveal other things like fatigue or a lack of hydration. Your skin is most thin around your eyes, so it needs specialized formulas to replenish and protect the sensitive area. Dab three dots under your eye and pat in from the inside to the outer corner and up to your top lid, until absorbed. Avoid rubbing the cream into the area, as the skin is delicate and may be unnecessarily strained by harsh motions.

If you’re ambitious and want to branch out to even more skin care products consider exfoliating weekly, to clear the outer layer of your skin of dead skin cells that build up over time. You could also dabble with facial oil as a part of your moisturizing routine. Apply a few drops after your moisturizer; the oil will act as a lipid barrier, preventing harmful free radicals and pollutants from seeping into the deeper layers of your skin. Finally, sheet masks are a great way to replenish skin and address individual concerns. Many different varieties can help hydrate skin, reduce the look of wrinkles and even free up clogged pores.

When it comes to skin care products, you are free to get fancy or keep it simple. It’s always essential to incorporate the basics and spend extra time exploring new men’s skin care options.