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3 Clear Skin Tips for Humid Weather

Skin Care Essentials

3 Clear Skin Tips for Humid Weather 3 Clear Skin Tips for Humid Weather 3 Clear Skin Tips for Humid Weather

Humid weather is an all-too-common contributing factor to oily skin, breakouts and blemishes. When the temperature and humidity are at their highest, your skin is more likely to react. “When sweat, natural oils and dead cells on the top layer of your skin mix, pores can become clogged and cause breakouts,” shares Dr. Rocio Rivera: Scientific Communications Director, L'Oréal Expert/Paris. While there’s not much you can do in terms of avoiding the weather, you can at least make a few tweaks to your regular skin care routine to encourage clear skin. Dr. Rivera shares three clear skin tips to consider if you happen to find yourself in a hot and humid situation:

Beat the humidity clear skin tip #1: Try a cleansing tool. If you can’t seem to escape the humidity and you’re experiencing oily skin and breakouts because of it, consider introducing a cleansing tool into your daily routine. Cleansing tools can provide a more efficient cleaning of your skin’s surface, which can easily become congested with sweat, oil and dirt when it is humid. There are cleansing tool options that work off of a charged power and utilize oscillating bristles to clear your pores of debris. You could also look for a cleansing tool that does not require any charging, like the Scrubblet tool that comes with the Go 360° Clean Deep Facial Cleanser. This hand-held cleansing tool will help you get a deeper clean compared to washing your face with your hands alone; making it beneficial for encouraging clear skin.

Beat the humidity clear skin tip #2: Rotate in a cleanser that will reduce oil. While you want to be careful to not over-cleanse and strip your skin of all of its oils; when encouraging clear skin, it’s important to use a cleanser that will reduce oil a few days a week. If you use a foaming or gel-based cleanser all of the time, you may find that your skin becomes too dry. So, try cleansing with a cream cleanser in the morning and an oil-reducing formula at night. Look for something like Go 360° Clean Anti-Breakout Facial Cleanser, which is formulated with two percent salicylic acid to help address breakouts and blackheads.

Beat the humidity clear skin tip #3: Try a glycolic acid peel pad. Even after cleansing, your skin’s surface can still have residual dirt and oil build up. “Use a glycolic acid peel pad at night like RevitaLift® Bright Reveal Brightening Peel Pads to produce brighter, clarified and more radiant skin,” suggests Dr. Rivera. “Its multi-ply textured pads physically work to resurface dead skin cells to reveal more youthful-looking skin, that appears bright, luminous and lit-from-within.” This derm-inspired anti-wrinkle and brightening treatment is formulated with glycolic acid to gently yet effectively dissolve dead skin cells and reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

Always remember to follow up any cleansing or exfoliating with moisturizing. One of the clear skin tips not to skip is replenishing your skin with hydration after its surface has been cleared of dirt and oil. If you don’t moisturize, you can trick the skin into thinking it needs to produce more oil, leaving you back where you started. Look for lightweight serums and creams to hydrate and nourish skin, even if it’s humid.