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The Easy Eye Shadow Tutorial for Beginners

Eye Makeup

The Easy Eye Shadow Tutorial for Beginners The Easy Eye Shadow Tutorial for Beginners The Easy Eye Shadow Tutorial for Beginners

There’s no doubt about it—playing with makeup is a ton of a fun. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t intimidating and challenging when you’re just starting out. Specifically, eye shadow can be a source of much frustration, especially when you start attempting to incorporate multiple shades and brushes into the mix. Don’t shy away from shadow just yet—with the right lineup of products and a solid how-to, there’s no reason applying your eye makeup has to be a harrowing experience. Try this extremely easy eye shadow tutorial to help ease your makeup difficulties. Beginners, this makeup look is for you!


Grab these eye makeup basics, then get to work!

Eye shadow primer: If you want to help ensure your makeup look lasts, you’ll need an eye makeup primer that locks everything in place.

L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Pocket Palette Eye Shadow: Half the battle in managing to apply more than one shade of eye shadow is picking colors that work well together. Rather than struggling to find four complementary colors, stick with a palette that does the heavy lifting for you. This compact eye shadow quad comes in a variety of color combos, ranging from neutral to bold. With a mix of finishes and shades that blend smoothly, the best thing about the palettes are the directions on the back. Expertly broken down for beginners, you’ll find instructions detailing the best spots to place each color. No guesswork necessary! 

Shading brush: Shading brushes are perfect for picking up pigmented products and applying shadow to larger areas.

Blending brush: Who wants harsh lines and edges? Buff them away with a soft, tapered brush.

Pencil brush: The small head of a pencil brush is just right for placing shadow in super-specific spots.

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner in Black: This pencil eyeliner formula glides on easily for rich, smudge-resistant eye makeup that will last all day long.

L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable Mascara: Fulfill your lash desires with this mascara that offers the look of voluptuous volume and lush length.


Eye shadow looks can be total works of art but you don’t have to be a masterful artist to manage exceptional application. Follow these simple steps to create a beginner’s eye look that’s seriously striking.

Step #1: Apply eye primer

To help keep your shadows from smudging and creasing throughout the day—all the while punching up their pigmentation—start with an eye shadow primer. Blend a thin layer of primer onto your lids and up to your brow bones.

Step #2: Brush on your base

Pick up your eye shadow quad and apply the base color. This is typically the second lightest shade in a palette. Using your shading brush, apply the light shadow all over your lids.

Step #3: Darken the outer and inner corners

Pick up the next color in your palette, a deeper shade, on your pencil brush. Add the darker shade to the outer and inner corners of your lids, creating two “V” shapes. Don’t worry if it looks a little messy—we’ll get to blending soon!

Step #4: Define your crease

To enhance the shape of your eyes, bring a small amount of that same darker shadow into your crease.

Step #5: Blend, blend, blend

Blending can help solve all your eye shadow problems. Take a blending brush and blur the edges between the two eye shadows you’ve used so far. Since the palette contains colors that are meant to work together, they should blend together seamlessly. Employ a “windshield wiper” motion with your brush to effortlessly smooth any harsh lines.

Step #6: Highlight the center

Wipe off your shading brush and pack it with the third shade in your palette, the lightest—aka the highlighting—shade. Place the color just on the centers of your lids, where the light would naturally hit.

Step #7: Use eye shadow as liner

You’ve made it to your final color. This should be your darkest shade, making it perfect for using as a makeshift eyeliner. Dip your pencil brush into the color and smudge the shadow right up against your lash line.

Step #8: Tightline your eyes

While eye shadow absolutely can be used as eyeliner, it can’t do everything. To make your lashes appear thicker and more intense, you’ll want to apply an actual liner to your waterline. Choose a pencil that’s smooth enough to glide on to this delicate area. Gently pull up on your eyelid to reveal your upper waterline, then carefully apply the liner directly to the base of your lashes. Ta-da, you just tightlined. 

Step #9: Sweep on mascara

Almost finished! No eye look is complete without a coat of mascara. Place your mascara brush at the base of your lashes and gently pull upwards to coat your lashes. Now enjoy your feathery-soft fringe. 

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