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Judaline Cassidy


Judaline Cassidy is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of the pioneering nonprofit Tools & Tiaras established in 2017. Judaline is on a revolutionary mission to show girls that Jobs Don’t Have Genders™.

As a history-making union plumber in New York City, Judaline has broken barriers over the last 25 years fighting for equity for women in the male-dominated construction trades. Judaline was previously featured as one of CNN’s 2020 Champions for Change. Through her organization, she empowers girls as young as six years old with the skills and self-confidence to see limitless possibilities for themselves as builders of the world they envision.

Taught by tradeswomen and women professionals, Tools & Tiaras’ signature weekend workshops and annual summer camps are centered on the skilled construction trades and designed to change the prevailing "women's work” narrative to one that is expansive and opportunity-filled. This has cemented the nonprofit’s status as an innovative driver of change and a supportive community that puts girls first.

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