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Shannon McPeek 

Shannon McPeek Honoree Profile

Shannon McPeek is the founder of Operation Happy Nurse, a grassroots movement and non-profit helping nurses cope with work-related anxiety and depression.

At the start of her career as a neonatal nurse, McPeek experienced spirit-crushing work-related anxiety. With her profession affecting both her personality and health, she felt isolated in her struggles until she was surprised to learn that many of her colleagues and friends were dealing with similar mental health issues. This realization motivated her to kick-start Operation Happy Nurse, a non-profit community to help the nursing profession battle work-related stress, anxiety and depression together.  

Through a free, safe and secure online platform, Operation Happy Nurse is providing a space nurses can decompress and engage with one another to practice stress-relief and discuss work-related issues, now more vital than ever before in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nurses of all tenures and specialties are welcome to leverage the platform to build their own “Stress Relief Haven” using the organization’s list of resources based on interests such as nutritional support, a mental health podcast, social events and more.

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