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Mindy Atwood

Mindy Atwood Honoree Profile

Mindy Atwood is the founder and CEO of Patches of Light, a non-profit organization that assists families with children facing a catastrophic health diagnosis.

The organization is based and founded on the personal hardship, heartache and stress experienced by Atwood and her family following her son’s diagnosis with Wilms’ tumor in 1982 and a second son’s diagnosis with a congenital heart defect and open-heart surgery in 1992.

The Atwoods are not alone in their experience of hardship. Each year, thousands of children across the nation are diagnosed with life-changing illnesses, including cancer, heart defects, muscular dystrophy, life-saving organ transplantation and more. Patches of Light helps to cover the high cost of medical bills, travel and family maintenance in order to alleviate stress and keep families together during their critically and/or terminally ill child’s diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Atwood is also the founder of several subdivisions of Patches of Light: The Little Acorn Children’s Garden, Jaxon’s Light, The Zipper Club, and You Be You, all of which are based on her own life experiences and used to support families in crisis and need.

After 24 years, Atwood retired from her Media Assistant position in the Hilliard City School District. She is currently the author of three children’s books: The Zipper Club, Do Bears Have Belly Buttons and The Boy in the Golden Cape. All royalties from her books are donated back to her organization, Patches of Light, to continue supporting families in need.

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