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Lulu Cerone

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Lulu Cerone was nine years old when an earthquake devastated Haiti, and the heartbreaking images on the news inspired her to make a difference. To support disaster relief efforts, she organized a boys vs. girls lemonade fundraiser in her class, which led her to create PhilanthroParties, a program that gives children the tools they need to become effective and independent social activists. Now, at eighteen years old, Lulu is the founder of the award-winning youth activist organization, LemonAID Warriors, which mobilizes young people to host PhilanthroParties for charitable causes. Lulu believes that integrating social activism, kindness and generosity into the lives of young children will help the habits continue into adulthood.

LemonAID Warriors is a non-profit youth-activism organization that connects children to worthy causes and provides unique action plans to create tangible social good. Since its inception, the organization has raised more than $120,000 to support projects benefitting vulnerable children. LemonAID Warriors uses unique PhilanthroParty action plans and campaigns to reach millions of children around the globe, and works with corporations to inspire young people to make social good a part of their social lives.

Being a Woman of Worth means expanding my social-good impact by incorporating what I learned as a teen activist and entrepreneur to show that children are capable of creating enormous, tangible social change.
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