Our Operations teams are leading a profound transformation throughout their value chains, including everything from the carbon impact of our suppliers and our own production sites to water and waste management and transport and logistics. It’s a huge challenge to transform our production into a virtuous and responsible system.

L'Oréal Paris operates in more than 20 factories around the world and is resolutely committed to a sustainable transformation of its production tools to offer consumers more responsible products, throughout its value chain.


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We focus on developing local production. Today, 90% of L’Oréal Paris units are made in the geographical area where they are sold, thus reducing transport and CO2 emissions. With 2 billion units produced per year, it really makes a difference.

We focus on reducing energy and water consumption in our factories. With a brand like Elvive, L’Oréal Paris plays a major role in L’Oréal haircare plants. To reduce their environmental impact, we developed green energy solutions, self-production of energy (in Mexico and Belgium, for example) and collaborations with local authorities and external companies enabling us to have access to local green energy production.

To meet the packaging reduction ambition that L’Oréal Paris has set itself, we had to adapt our industrial facilities, involve our suppliers in finding solutions, rethink packaging and transport.

As L’Oréal Paris is constantly reinventing its formulas to make them more sustainable, production tools must also be adapted to guarantee products that combine sustainability, quality, and safety.

L’Oréal Paris products meet the ambitious sustainability goals set by the brand while maintaining its aesthetic appeal: the brand offers more sustainable consumption choices that remain true to the brand’s identity. To achieve this, we must constantly reinvent ourselves, and think of new ways of producing and developing solutions that can then be used by other brands and products.

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Our ambition is to have 100% of our factories entirely powered by renewable energy by 2025, and 100% of them equipped with waterloop systems by 2030.*

*Operated sites, excluding safety and security installations.

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