Rose Water

[rōz, wo-tər]

Categories: Fragrance, Plant Extracts

Rose Water Skin Benefits:

Rose water (Rosa damascena) is flavored water extracted from rose petals. Rose water’s desirable fragrance makes it a commonly sought-after perfume to infuse into cosmetic products.  Historically, the use of rose water as a skin therapeutic dates back as far as ancient Egypt. Currently, it is known for its ability to provide both antioxidant and astringent protection, as well as skin-soothing benefits. Due to its gentle nature, rose water may be recommended for people with sensitive skin. 1

Often combined with Vitamin A and Vitamin C, rose water skin care products often include sprays, moisturizers, cold creams, makeup removers as well as masks. Rose water benefits for skin can also be found in facial toners and cleansers due to its antioxidant and astringent properties.  By equipping the skin with antioxidant protection, rose water can help protect the skin by neutralizing harmful free-radicals present in the environment, leaving skin to look young and beautiful. 1

  1. Tofighi, Z. et al. Antimicrobial Activities of Three Medicinal Plants and Investigation of Flavonoids of Tripleurospermum Disciforme . Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research IJPR 14.1, 225–231 (2015)
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