Organic Compounds

Hexylresorcinol Skincare Benefits:
Even Tone

Hexylresorcinol is an alkylresorcinol (AR), a type of phenolic lipid, that can be found naturally in whole grain wheat and rye. In skincare, hexylresorcinol is known to function as a skin-brightening agent. It also possesses antioxidant, as well as astringent properties, that can contribute towards a more even tone complexion. By providing antioxidant protection, hexylresorcinol can help neutralize free radicals present in the environment. Studies show topical application of hexylresorcinol may play a role in defending against signs of skin aging (i.e, fine lines and wrinkles) and glycation- a non-enzymatic reaction that may negatively impact skin quality. In addition to its skin benefits, skincare products utilize hexylresorcinol due to its well-soluble nature. This makes hexylresorcinol a desirable ingredient to be implemented into skincare formulas, as well as mixed with other skin brigthening ingredients such as niacinamide. Concentrations of hexylresorcinol occur between 0.5%-1.0%, and can most often be found in creams and serums to provide effective skin-lightening results. 1

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