Butylene Glycol

[byü-təl-en, gli-ˌkol]

Categories: Organics, Slip Agents, Humectants

Butylene Glycol Skincare Benefits:

Butylene glycol, sometimes referred to as “butanediol,” is an organic alcohol that is prevalent in skincare products. Because butylene glycol possesses a high number of hydroxyl groups in its chemical structure, it works well in skincare formulations as both a slip agent and a humectant.

A slip agent is a viscosity-decreasing component that thins creams and gels so that they become easier to spread onto the skin surface. Humectants can help to boost the skin’s ability to retain moisture from the air. With these properties combined, butylene glycol is an ideal skincare ingredient for stabilizing and improving the spreadability of lotions and creams, while providing a silky smooth, moisturizing texture. 1 2

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