Beta Hydroxy Acid

[bā-tə, hī-dräk-sē, a-səd]

Categories: Organic Acids

BHA Skin Benefits:

Beta hydroxy acid (BHA), more commonly referred to in skincare as salicylic acid, and can be found in moisturizers, cleansers, eye creams, sunscreens, and foundations. Its benefits are made possible by its unique chemical structure.

BHA in skin care can exhibit strong exfoliating properties. This is due to BHA’s polarity, which enable it to penetrate within the skin, making it highly effective for exposing and eliminating bacteria trapped within skin pores. It also possesses excellent astringent properties that allow it to reduce the amount of bacteria found on and within the skin’s surface. This provides BHA products in skin care with the ability to regulate potential flair ups in problematic skin. For this reason, it is often utilized in daily wash facial cleansers. With continuous use, these products can help enhance the skin’s overall quality and appearance. 1 2

For more information, please refer to “salicylic acid” .
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