Beta Carotene

[bā-tə, ker-a-tēn]

Categories: Antioxidants

Beta Carotene Skin Benefits:

Beta-carotene is the principle carotenoid found in chlorophyll-containing plants, bacteria, and food. The skin benefits of this powerful carotenoid include potent antioxidant protection, which help to neutralize free radicals present throughout the environment. Beta-carotene is commonly implemented into skincare formulations for its ability to protect against UVA-light induced damage. By doing so, products infused with beta carotene can help to reduce levels of oxidative stress and contribute to the overall enhancement of one’s skin appearance.  1

  1. Darvin, M. et al. Topical beta‐carotene protects against infra‐red‐light–induced free radicals. Experimental dermatology 20.2, 125-129 (2011)