[ben-ze-fi-ˈnōn, ˈthrē]


Benzephenone-3 Skin Benefits:
UV protection

Benzephenone-3, also known as oxybenzone, is a sunscreen active that helps to protect the skin against harmful effects of exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Benzephenone-3 helps to prevent against sunburn and photo-damage that may lead to the formation of premature signs of aging (i.e, fine lines and wrinkles) as well as the loss of skin-elasticity and firmness. 1

While many sunscreen actives are more equipped in their ability to defend against UVB-radiation; benzephenone-3 caters more towards UVA absorption. As a result, cosmetic companies often include benzephenone-3 in sunscreen formulas to provide increased photo-protection and deter long-term photo-aging effects. 2

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