Alpha Hydroxy Acids

[al-fuh, hahy-drok-suh l, as-id]

Categories: Organic Compounds

Cell Rejuvenation

Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHAs) are a class of chemical compounds characterized by a carboxylic acid substituted with a hydroxyl group. They occur both naturally and synthetically. AHAs are predominantly used to reduce wrinkles and facial fine lines, exfoliate the skin’s surface, as well as promote skin cell renewal improving skin elasticity, wrinkles, skin tone evenness and the appearance of dark spots. AHAs have also been found in a wide variety of skin enhancement products such as sunscreen, acne treatment, cuticle softeners, and skin lightening agents.1-2

AHA proves to be particularly helpful in countering the appearance of aging caused by UV exposure. The use of AHA provides a boost in treating photodamaged skin.1-2-3-4AHA works by exfoliating the skin faster. As we grow older, skin takes longer to renew itself. The result is skin at the uppermost layer that is exposed to the environment longer, therefor making skin appear dull. By speeding up the process of skin renewal, skin acts more like it did when the person was younger, allowing for more radiant and glowing skin.

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