Dr. Rocio Rivera, PhD

“L'Oréal is the biggest University I have ever studied, trained or worked at!”

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About Dr. Rocio Rivera, PhD

Meet Dr. Rocio Rivera, PhD: Scientific Communications Vice President, L’Oréal Paris

Dr. Rivera obtained her PhD at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid in Neuroscience and Molecular Biology. Deeply interested in neurons, particularly in sensory neurons, her Thesis work was centered in trying to understand the role of sensory neurons in neurodegenerative disorders such as Autism and Parkinson’s disease. After completing her studies with the highest honors, she moved to New York to start her postdoctoral training at NYU School of Medicine at the prestigious Howard Hughes Institute Skirball Neuroscience Center. There, she focused her research in elucidating the pathways and genes that guide sensory motor neuron innervation during early stages of development.

Since these neurons innervate both muscle and skin tissue, Dr. Rivera´s studies naturally evolved into understanding the sense of touch as a Research Associate in the Department of Dermatology and Physiology at Columbia University. This allowed Dr. Rivera to further strengthen her knowledge in skin biology and extent her research into hair.

After her Academic career, Dr. Rivera joined L´Oréal´s Research & Innovation in New Jersey, where she worked in our Skin Métier´s for 3 years, developing State-of-the-art skincare formulations and acting as the scientific and medical liaison for the Luxury Division. Dr.Rivera has the best depth of experience and understanding of the rigorous science and expertise of the experts that reside within L´Oréal´s Research Centers, her colleagues. Dr. Rivera joined L´Oréal Paris as the skin and hair expert in 2015 to communicate on the outstanding Research that lies behind every single product coming out of our Research Centers because she personally developed some of them.

It is her scientific rigor, her outspoken personality, her passion for Science and Beauty in equal parts and perseverance that she brings to L´Oréal Paris to share with our consumers what our products are worth.