L'Oréal Paris Responds to COVID-19

Covid - hand sanitizer

Dear all,

For more than a century, L'Oréal Paris has helped women worldwide embrace their innate sense of self-worth through our unparalleled commitment to beauty.

It is in this spirit of shared self-worth that we forge forward together in this difficult climate. L’Oréal Paris has long been committed to elevating the everyday heroes among us through our signature philanthropic platform, Women of Worth, which is now entering its 15th year. We are proud that so many of our Women of Worth alumnae are stepping up in their local communities and ramping up their organizations’ efforts to serve those affected by COVID-19. We too feel a deep responsibility to contribute to the collective fight against this pandemic.

In support of our customers, colleagues and all those who demonstrate extraordinary courage and selflessness in their efforts to combat the pandemic, L'Oréal Paris and L'Oréal USA are taking the following measures.

• Women of Worth Launches Nominations and Sheds Light On COVID Heroes: At the heart of the L'Oréal Paris brand is our signature philanthropic platform, Women of Worth. Women of Worth champions women who selflessly give back to their communities and build the worth of others every day through their own non-profit organizations. Now more than ever, L’Oréal Paris continues to be wholly dedicated to these women, believing that in a time of crisis, it is crucial to give support to those who give so much of themselves to help the most vulnerable among us. L'Oréal Paris is additionally seeking to spotlight the heroic women working on the front lines during the coronavirus pandemic. L’Oréal Paris will honor one of these heroes alongside our Women of Worth throughout the year. To nominate an inspirational woman whose work is changing the world for the better and to share a story of a woman working on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19, please click the link HERE.

• Corporate donation and employee match campaign to Feeding America: L’Oréal USA is donating $250,000 to U.S. hunger relief organization Feeding America. This is part of a company-wide giving campaign in which L’Oréal will match additional employee donations dollar for dollar up to $25,000.

• Donation of personal care and hygiene products to Feed the Children: L’Oréal USA is donating personal care products valued at more than $1 million (including cleansers and moisturizers) to Feed the Children, a non-profit dedicated to alleviating hunger nationwide.

• Donation of surgical and N95 respirator masks to local hospitals: L’Oréal USA is donating protective masks from its operations facilities in North Little Rock, Arkansas and Franklin, New Jersey to local hospital systems in each surrounding community.

• Production of alcohol-based hand sanitizer: L’Oréal’s North American production facilities are producing alcohol-based hand sanitizer to be provided free of charge to U.S. employees, partners and healthcare professionals working on the frontlines of this emergency.

• Relief for small businesses: L’Oréal USA is freezing the payments of small enterprises within its distribution network, including hair salons, until their businesses resume. We are additionally shortening payment times for small suppliers who have been most exposed to this economic crisis.

It is our hope that these actions may help to provide some relief and support across the many communities in which we live and work. Now more than ever, L’Oréal Paris remains wholly dedicated to our customers and employees, and we believe that a time of crisis is an opportunity to give even more of ourselves.

We would like to thank each of you for being worthy members of our L'Oréal Paris family.

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