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Cass Forkin


Cass Forkin is the Founder and Chairwoman of national Twilight Wish Foundation, an organization making the world a nicer place to age, one wish at a time. The organization honors and enriches the lives of seniors, 65 years and older, by granting wishes and connecting generations.

Forkin had a near death experience as a child and realized the best we can do in this world is to love all others unconditionally. Today, Forkin is an inspirational thought leader, an author, a national speaker, a global humanitarian, a mystic, an MBA business executive, a Vice President, and more. Through her work with Twilight Wish Foundation, she is proud to have made so many important wishes come true for seniors, especially WWII and Vietnam Veterans, and for helping the Rosie the Riveters of WWII get their first national thank you 75 years after WWII.

Currently, Twilight Wish is building its board, increasing chapters, and recruiting ambassadors and volunteers across the country to extend its outreach and grant even more wishes via social media and from generous donors. It is celebrating 20 years in 2023, with over 5,200 meaningful Twilight Wishes granted through 20 chapters, supported by 300 volunteers.

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