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Jasmine Babers

Jasmine Babers Honoree Profile

Jasmine Babers is the founder of Love Girls Magazine, a community that builds self-esteem and leadership among women and girls of all ages, with a focus on young women of color, ages 13-25.

In response to bullying, sexism and other injustices impacting women and girls in her community, Babers, at the young age of 15, was inspired to create Love Girls Magazine to build a safe space rooted in self-worth, social justice and empowerment.

More than a magazine, Love Girls is an organization providing mentorship and an opportunity for hands-on experience in journalism, photography, film, podcasting, graphic design, marketing and business management. Its two annual events, the Girls on Fire storytelling conference and the Love Awards, serve as celebrations to honor the accomplishments of young women.

Since its launch, Love Girls has transformed into a multimedia platform impacting more than 25,000 girls across the nation. Women and girls of all ages are invited to join the community and support the next generation of female leaders.

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