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Stephanie Gattas

Stephanie Gattas

As a female veteran struggling with her mental health, Stephanie Gattas quickly realized that servicewomen suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress and military-related trauma were not receiving the assistance they needed. In seeking to improve her own mental state, as well as the lives of fellow female combatants, Stephanie founded The Pink Berets. The organization addresses the mental health needs of servicewomen and first responders, many of whom have been overshadowed by their male counterparts. At the time of inception, The Pink Berets was the only organization of its kind to offer free therapeutic services through a clinical team. It takes a unique approach by addressing female mental health in an environment that understands their military experience, implementing peer to peer support as a pathway to healing. From 2016-2019, The Pink Berets serviced 455 women, and thus far in 2020, the organization has reached almost 400 women through virtual offerings like trauma support, art therapy, equine therapy and culinary therapy. Stephanie’s powerful work is spreading awareness of military trauma and giving servicewomen across America a support system to reignite their resilience.

Being a L’Oréal Paris Woman of Worth affords me the opportunity to be a global agent of change and empower the younger generation of women veterans. I envision a world where women feel seen, heard, and honored for their contributions to their country. To positively change the trajectory of one’s life that has been impacted by trauma, is the most rewarding endeavor one could have the honor of experiencing.
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The Pink Berets

The Pink Berets educates and provides aid to active duty women of the U.S. armed forces and first responders seeking assistance for PTSD, military sexual trauma and combat trauma stress

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