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Gulshan Harjee

Gulshan Harjee

In 1979, Tanzanian-born Gulshan Harjee turned her dreams into a reality by immigrating to America and attending medical school. Years later, she sold her thriving primary care practice to better serve marginalized and immigrant communities with the free clinic, Clarkston Community Health Center. As the most comprehensive free clinic in the Clarkston, Georgia area, CCHC fills the gap in healthcare needs by providing live medical consultations to eligible patients below the federal poverty line. The service-model platform engages like-minded people who are passionate about giving back – as a result, it’s almost entirely volunteer run. In 2019, CCHC saved Georgia close to $600,000. Since 2015, the clinic served 5,400 patients, providing over 1,000 individuals with dental care, 400 with mammograms and 200 with lab work – all completely free of charge. Having once been an asylum seeker herself, Gulshan is privileged to provide free medical care to refugee groups and live out her version of the American dream.

It is humbling and an honor to be a Woman of Worth having the trust of so many, some total strangers
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Clarkston Community Health Center

Clarkston Community Health Center: provides free, state-of-the-art medical care for those in need throughout metro-Atlanta, including immigrant, refugee, uninsured and underinsured groups

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