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Cheryl Ann Wadlington

Cheryl  Ann Wadlington

As an incorrigible Black girl growing up in Philadelphia, Cheryl Ann Wadlington was motivated to redirect her life, find her purpose and never forgot the community that helped her achieve her academic dreams. Drawing inspiration from her own journey, Cheryl Ann founded The Evoluer House, a non-profit that educates underserved girls of color, throughout the United States, impacted by chronic adversity, violence and oppression, to equip them with essential tools to break cycles of intergenerational poverty. The Evoluer House provides a holistic approach to empowering girls to break boundaries, amplify each other’s voices and become agents of change. Since its inception, nearly 2,000 girls graduated from The Evoluer House’s programs – with 100% graduating high school on time and matriculating to college or other post-secondary studies. As the founder of The Evoluer House, Cheryl Ann is a testament to the girls in her care that no matter their past challenges, they can reshape their futures, make a positive impact on society and thrive.

Being recognized as a L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth elevates the work we do at The Evoluer House and significantly brings attention to the needs and life stories of so many girls of color from marginalized communities, amplifying how they too can grow up to not only be healthy, happy and strong but as powerful leaders of change throughout the world.
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