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Brittany Schiavone

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National Honoree

Drawing on her own experiences as a woman with Down syndrome, Brittany Schiavone founded Brittany’s Baskets of Hope (BBoH), a non-profit dedicated to bringing information, support and guidance to families welcoming babies with Down syndrome into their lives. BBoH delivers handmade baskets of baby items, and information about Down syndrome including Brittany’s own story to instill hope in the face of uncertainty. Since 2016, BBoH has delivered over 750 baskets to families in 48 states to help families celebrate the birth of their babies. As the founder of BBoH, Brittany is a testament to the success of individuals living with Down syndrome and. Her story helps parents envision bright futures for their children and all they can achieve.

By being a L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth, I get to spread love, hope, and resources to families all over the country that began just like mine. I get to remind parents of babies with Down syndrome that their child will live with purpose and joy and that children with Down syndrome can do anything—really, really anything.
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