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SreyRam Kuy

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SreyRam Kuy was barely two years old when she was injured during a bombing that took place as her family fled Cambodia during the horrific genocide carried out by the Khmer Rouge regime. Luckily a volunteer Red Cross surgeon was able to save her life, and SreyRam made it safely to the United States with her family. Inspired by this experience, SreyRam pursued a career in medicine and eventually became the first female Cambodian refugee to work as a surgeon in the U.S. Today, whenever possible, SreyRam provides free surgery to low-income patients, treating everything from breast cancer to inflamed gall bladders without charging a dime. Her compassion for victims of combat led her to partner with Dog Tag Bakery, an organization that creates handmade baked goods while providing valuable work experience for disabled veterans and caregivers.

Dog Tag Bakery is a nonprofit organization that gives wounded veterans who are struggling to re-enter the civilian workforce the opportunity to learn successful business skills and achieve their dreams of running their own small business. During a six-month fellowship, veterans learn from Georgetown professors about entrepreneurship, finance and marketing, and then put their business training into practice. Dog Tag Bakery helps ournation’s heroes get back on their feet and show the world that “it’s not about your disability, but your ability."

Partner, Dog Tag Bakery, a non-profit organization that sells baked goods and trains veterans in business. The Dog Tag Fellowship program combines education with hands-on experience to create a living business school, building a bridge to employment and helping veterans and military families find fulfillment in both their professional and personal lives. All proceeds support various veterans’ programs.

Being a Women of Worth means having the strength to persevere, the courage to never lose hope, and the compassion to inspire and help others.
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