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Shandra Woworuntu

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National Honoree

As a survivor of human trafficking and domestic violence, Shandra became an advocate to create change. After enduring months of abuse when she arrived in the United States from Indonesia in 2001, Shandra escaped from trafficking and began reaching out to other survivors, providing them with resources and support to find employment and shelter. She founded Mentari, which began as a series of cooking classes taught out of her home, and eventually grew into an organization where human trafficking survivors could connect and learn culinary arts courses with a professional chef, and other mentoring opportunities.

Mentari is a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to victims of human trafficking at no cost to the clients through DREAM: Direct services, Resources, Education, Advocacy and Mentorship. Mentari utilizes a client-centered approach designed to develop culinary abilities, create growth, develop self-sufficiency and assist with future employment opportunities by building their self-esteem through a Culinary Arts Program.

As a leader, advocate and survivor of human trafficking and domestic violence I will use my platform to provide mentorship and empower survivors as they reintegrate into the community so they can truly be free and independent.
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