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Jessica Kidd

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Jessica Kidd founded Gracie’s Gowns to create personalized hospital gowns for children battling life-threatening conditions. Gracie’s Gowns gives children in hospitals something to smile about and makes their stay more comfortable.

Since the organization’s inception in 2012, Gracie’s Gown has donated more than 2,200 gowns to families and hospitals all across the United States, as well as in Australia, France, Brazil, Ireland, the Philippines, and other countries. If a child outgrows or damages the gown, another is made, also for free. Scraps of fabric are saved to make batches of tiny preemie gowns that are periodically donated to neonatal intensive care units. As a result, over an additional 900 preemie gowns have been donated to NICUs at hospitals nationwide.

Being a Women of Worth is providing inspiration to parents and children during their darkest moments by brightening up their world with something just as special as they are.
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