[sim- ˈwīt`]

Categories: Antioxidants

Symwhite® Skincare Benefits:

Phenylethyl resorcinol, also known as Symwhite®, is a brightening ingredient found in skin care and cosmetic products. Derived from scotch pine bark, Symwhite® was developed by the company Symrise® to help address skin discoloration and uneven skin tone. Phenylethyl resorcinol can provide antioxidant protection against the oxidative stress of free-radicals present in the environment. As a result, formulas containing Symwhite® may result in brighter, more radiant looking skin. 1 2

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  2. Leong, H. et al. Preparation of alpha‐bisabolol and phenylethyl resorcinol/TiO2 hybrid composites for potential applications in cosmetics. International journal of cosmetic science (2016)
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