Red Sandalwood

[red, san-dəl-wüd]

Categories: Plant Extracts, Antioxidants

Red Sandalwood Skin Benefits:

Red Sandalwood, also known as Pterocarpus santalinus, is a plant extract that has been used extensively in Ayurveda - the Indian traditional system of medicine. Under such traditions, red sandalwood uses for skin have been known to provide a cooling effect that can help soothe problematic skin. This benefit may be due to its possession of glycosides, essential oils, flavonoids and polyphenolic compounds. 1 2

In skincare, red sandalwood oil is commonly infused into cosmetics products, such as eye shadow or lipstick, in order to achieve a desirable red color. When added to certain formulas, it equips products, as well as the skin, with antioxidant properties. By reducing levels of oxidative stress, red sandalwood oil not only helps to protect the skin from harmful free-radicals present in the environment, but also inadvertently helps to promote skin-radiance. 1 As a result, the skin is better equipped to maintain good quality, while also exhibiting a healthy, glowing appearance.

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