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Pro-Xylane Skin Benefits:

Developed and created by L’Oréal Research and Innovation, Pro-Xylane is a sugar-molecule derived from the beech wood tree utilizing green chemistry. It functions, in vitro, by stimulating the production of proteoglycans, a water-absorbing molecule in human reconstructed skin. Higher levels of proteoglycans within the reconstructed skin’s extracellular matrix correlate to increase skin-elasticity and firmness. In cosmetics, pro-xylane products are frequently incorporated into anti-aging lotions and creams to counterbalance signs of aging (i.e., fine lines and wrinkles). 1

  1. Sok, J. et al. Improvement of the dermal epidermal junction in human reconstructed skin by a new c-xylopyranoside derivative. European Journal of Dermatology 18.3, 297-302 (2008)