Omega 3 and 6

[ō-ˈmā-gə, ˈthrē & ˈsiks]

Categories: Fatty Acids, Plant Extracts

EFA Skincare Benefits:

Fatty acids are essential for developing and maintaining the brain and nervous system, as well as regulating thyroid and adrenal activity. The human body is capable of making all of the fatty acids needed, except for omega-3 and omega-6. For this reason, they are named the “Essential Fatty Acids” or EFAs, and must be consumed from the diet. Individually, omega-3 and omega-6 are comprised of different essential nutrients- linolenic acid and linoleic acid, respectively. Aside from allowing the body to perform essential bodily functions, EFAs may also aid in maintaining good skin-quality. EFAs are essential to the barrier function of skin cells. This is especially vital for surface level skin cells. 1 2

Given the circumstance where EFAs levels are deficient, also known as EFAD, the skin will show signs of dryness and inflammation. Studies have shown that topical application of EFAs can help to soothe symptoms of EFAD. 3 For this reason, skincare products infuse EFAs in order to bolster proper skin functionality and provide skin soothing properties. 1 2

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