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Kaolin Skin Benefits:
Mild Exfoliation
Oily Skin Relief

Kaolin clay, also known as “China clay,” is a naturally occurring aluminosilicate mineral. It is one of the gentlest versions of cosmetic clays available for skin care purposes. Kaolinite, the soft, white mineral present in kaolin clay can possess absorbent, skin-soothing properties that make it the ideal ingredient for natural skin care masks.

Without stripping away any natural oils, kaolin clay benefits may work to rid the skin’s surface of unwanted build-ups and impurities. This is made possible by the polar charges of the clay particles. By applying the more negatively-charged kaolin clay for skin, one may be able to draw out the more positively-charged heavy metals and impurities that remain trapped on the skin’s surface. In addition to its high adsorption characteristics, kaolin can provide some gentle abrasiveness that can be utilized in skin cleansers.  This mild exfoliation technique can further help to reveal fresh skin layers, soothe problematic skin, as well as reduce excess shine, altogether revealing a more beautiful complexion. 1

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