Categories: Emulsifiers

Dextran Skincare Benefits:
Product Stabilizer

Dextran, not to be confused with Dextrin, is a term given to a group of polysaccharides that are composed of multiple glucose molecules. Dextran can be naturally synthesized by a variety of bacteria species, as well as synthetically by a process of sucrose fermentation. In skincare, Dextran derivatives, such as Dextran sulfate, can promote better moisture-retention for improved skin hydration. Additionally, Dextran may provide soothing properties that are effective for alleviating dry, problematic skin. 1

  1. Bhavani, A. et al. Dextran—the polysaccharide with versatile uses. Int J Pharm Biol Sci 1, 569-573 (2010)
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