[kol-uh-juh n]

Categories: Natural Proteins

Skin Elasticity
Skin Hydration
Scar Treatment

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body; it is most commonly found in bones, tendons, teeth, skin, and scar tissue. Its main purpose is to enable the stretching of skin, while maintaining its elasticity and smooth-like texture. Collagen is primarily used to treat skin hydration, as well as issues that deal with skin elasticity, such as wrinkles and facial lines.1-2

Facial wrinkles and fine lines are caused by deterioration in the body’s natural collagen layer. In efforts to deter damaging effects, collagen peptides naturally derive from collagen and help to improve skin barrier function. This results in improved skin hydration and skin elasticity, which can also help serve as filler for scars.2-3-4

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