Plant Extracts

Cocoa Skin Care Benefits:

Cocoa, also referred to as the cocoa bean or cacao bean, is the dried, fermented seed derived from Theobroma cacao. In skincare, this unique chocolate bean can be utilized in various forms such as cocoa oil, cocoa powder, or cacao butter. The main constituents of raw cocoa include polyphenols, theobromine, and minerals, specifically magnesium. When implemented into product formulations, these bioactive components enable cocoa to have antioxidant, anti-aging, and moisturizing functions on the skin. 1

When topically applied, cocoa phytochemicals help to provide antioxidant protection and regulate biochemical interactions that occur in the skin. This allows cocoa extract, as well as cocoa powder, to play a role in neutralizing harmful free radicals present in the body and in the environment. Studies have shown cocoa’s ability to reduce oxidative stress can lead to decreased damage to skin and reduced signs of aging (i.e. fine lines and wrinkle formations).2

Dark chocolate benefits provided by alternative forms- cocoa oil and cacao butter- mainly pertain to skin moisture due to their high emollient properties. They can be used for conditioning as well as for softening and protecting dry skin and chapped lips. Cocoa benefits can most often be found in scrubs, moisturizing hand creams, soaps, lotions, and lip balms, and is ideal for individuals with combination, normal or dry, sensitive skin. 1

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