Co-Enzyme CoQ10

[kō, en-zīm, (kō-kyü-ten)]

Categories: Antioxidants 

Coq 10 Benefits:

Co-Enzyme CoQ10 is commonly known as co-enzyme Q or ubiquinone. Its name comes from being ubiquitous (being everywhere at once) within the bodies of most animals. CoQ 10 performs a multitude of different functions. One of its major uses is its role in the production of ATP (energy form used by cells). Therefore, organs that require the most energy possess the highest concentrations of CoQ10. 1

CoQ10 provides the skin with high concentrations of antioxidants, which are essential in helping to maintain healthy looking skin. CoQ10’s antioxidant protection works to neutralize free radicals present in the environment. As a result, the amount of oxidative stress found in the skin is reduced. This lowering effect may possess the potential to help alleviate problematic skin. For this reason, the use of CoQ10 skincare products may not only provide anti-aging benefits but also skin-soothing properties. 1 2

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